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Camps Kenwood and Evergreen

114 Eagle Pond Road, Wilmot, NH 03287
Camps Kenwood and Evergreen Jason Sebell Interview
Interview With

Jason Sebell

Camp Director for Camps Kenwood and Evergreen
  • How long has your camp been operational?

    Camps Kenwood & Evergreen in NH was founded in 1930. Or, more accurately, Camp Kenwood for boys was founded in 1930 by Ken Huberman. After 20 years of running a camp for boys his three daughters convinced him to start a summer camp for girls, and in 1950 Camp Evergreen for girls was founded. Since then we have been a brother-sister summer camp on the same property. A large percentage of our campers have a sibling or cousin in the other camp, and we make sure that family members are able to see each other a few times each day.

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