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Excessive heat killing camper's joy

November 11,2014 03:18 PM
Excessive heat killing camper's joy

The rising mercury levels are threatening to scorch down all the summer fun this year, it seems.

The day one of summer camp kicked off amid the first excessive heat warning of the year in Phoenix today.

With temperatures reaching above 110, most camps have limited their activity to morning hours when the temperatures are cooler.

For kids at Arizona Lutheran Academy in Laveen, playing soccer in the wide open field isn't nearly as inviting as running drills among the trees.

Kids must stay hydrated and watch out for danger signs in a weather like thos.

"When the kids aren't responding to what we're asking them and they look really tired or some redness in the cheeks, that tells me that we have to go back to our classroom," ALA Soccer Camp coach Mike Mundstock   said.

Even without the excessive heat warning, soccer camp is only held in the morning hours and ends before the peak heat of the afternoon sets in.

Across town, it's the same thing. Outdoor games are balanced with the time of day and the games always include precautions.

"I have my camp hat with me, so all of counselors model good behavior, so we try to get the kids learning how to hydrate, learning how to be covered. Sunscreen, we put on more sunscreen than you can imagine," Hubbard Sports Camp owner Bob Hubbard said.

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