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Find the best summer camp to suit your child's interests

November 11,2014 03:28 PM
Find the best summer camp to suit your child's interests

With summer vacations almost here, many parents will realize that they have no contingency plans for the long months ahead. Stress not! Camp Navigator team has a bail-out plan cut out for you. Instead of allowing your child to laze around the house, we suggest you pack him/her off to a summer camp where he/she can learn, involve and have great fun. Now, if you are further clueless on what kind of Summer camp to send your child to, know that it's best to go for the one that fits your child's interests to the T.

Whether your youngsters are sports enthusiasts, musical geniuses or budding actors, now you can send them to a camp of their choice and see them stretch their limits, learn new things and grow into confident kids. Here are your options.

Every summer, the world goes crazy for tennis, and while very few of us have access to courts, the best way to teach your children the basics  of the game is to send them to a tennis camp where they will gain a little more knowledge on the game and an opportunity to fine-tune their skills.

If your little ones have ever fancied learning how to ride the waves, then perhaps an introduction to sailing is just the summer course.

Most children love building with Lego. Fine-tune their engineering skills with a variety of different classes throughout the summer all across the country.

There are several summer camps that incorporate singing, musical theatre, hip-hop dance, acting, vocal training, games, self-esteem and even TV opportunities. If your child happens to be a fine arts enthusiast, you know where to send him/her to.

Wild animals hold a fascination for most children, so what better way to get up close and personal with some of the world's most exciting animals than enrolling in a summer camp. In these camps, all activities are focused on nature awareness and conservation and the aim of the camp is to engender a respect for the natural world in children of all ages by using a play approach to learning.

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