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Five things to do before you send your kids to summer camp

November 11,2014 03:10 PM
Five things to do before you send your kids to summer camp

With vacations here, it's time for you to send your little ones to camps for a summer full of fun, learning and friendships. As they say, nothing really beats a good camping experience. But then, a successful camp requires some prior planning and preparation. Here are five things every parents must do before sending their kids to a summer camp.

  • Label each and every item that your child will carry to the camp, from pillows to toothbrush to shoes and all other stuff. This applies for all summer camps, sleep away or just a couple hours at the park district. We all know how kids lose items in minutes. Labeling is the best way to retain these items.
  • Whether your child is a first timer or an experienced camper, discussing the camps beforehand will make them less jittery about the whole deal. Ask how they are feeling. Remind them it's okay to be a bit nervous or unsure. Share your own camp experiences and lighten up their worries. Talking to them can be helpful and reassuring.
  • It's natural to feel homesick during the first few days at the camp. Taking care to mail a note or a package in advance so that your child receives something at the first mail call offering a bit of love and reassurance can be a big help.
  • Make sure to pack stationary and stamps for your child to write home and let you know how it's going.
  • Those letters can be truly priceless. Also, toss in a pen. Those are sometimes tough to find at summer camp.
  • Start your packing early. Leave lots of time for packing. Packing can be a big deal given some camps have extensive lists of items that kids need to bring along .Getting the packing done a few days early will let you and your child focus on the fun ahead, and mentally prepare both of you for departure.

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