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Personalized summer camps for young cancer patients

June 30,2017 12:19 PM
Personalized summer camps for young cancer patients

Children’s security blanket (CSB) a SC based non profit organization. This foundation is based out of Spartanburg, SC; and working towards providing children with cancer, a chance to enjoy their summer like their peers. Participating in the activities they love and getting financial and emotional support for battling with cancer. As its not just the child but entire families struggle with the same. They assist and deliver hope to the families by bringing them together and helping them share their sufferings.

Over 8 years ago a young boy Tron began coming to their summer camp and just loved the fishing activity there. Since then he has been a regular while battling his bone cancer in most courageous ways. This yer he had his leg amputated due to the cancer spreading all over. To help him enjoy his yearly fishing and not miss this chance, Tom Russel the 80 year old co-founder of the camp victory to set up a personalized fishing camp for Troy on June 29-30 from 8:30am to 2:00pm

Camp Victory is a 3 day camp designed to have children battling cancer, to enjoy life and just be kids for a while. Tom has been an amazing humanitarian and just loves all of his children. When he found about the inability of Tron he came up with the idea of organizing a special fishing camp only for him and his sister. So he does not miss his yearly fishing fun. Because of his efforts and spirit Tom has been recently awarded Algernon Sydney Sullivan award, recognizing excellence of character and humanitarian service.  

Camp victory is CSB’s way of giving delightful experience to the otherwise suffering and painful medical treatments, needle sticks and hospital visits. They have been assisting Tron and his family in organizing connections to resources and assisting with travel and lodging expenses related to treatment of cancer and providing support during challenging times.

Celebrating their 10th anniversary CSB’s camp victory is providing children who really need a dose of joy by enabling their participation in fishing, riding horses, nature study and enjoying hands on crafts and games. CSB has served hundreds of families in the past decade and continues to do so with even newer ways. The children receive not just a chance to participate but also come together with peers and network effectively.

Their incredible gesture in helping and supporting families with children suffering from cancer has made them a one of a kind organization serving the greater good for society.

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By Minu Manisha

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