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Oro Valley presents a pool of summer activities

April 17,2014 06:03 PM
Oro Valley presents a pool of summer activities

With just 35 days more to go before the school ends and summer holiday kicks in, Oro Valley Parks & Recreation Department is calling all parents to enroll their children into their interesting and exciting pool of water and land activities and events as well as swimming lessons.

First in the offering is the highly popular Amphibious Athletes Camp. Boasting of a slew of high-energy activities designed to instill leadership, creativity and team spirit in your child, this camp offers a gamut of arts, crafts, sports, games and experiential learning lessons under the tutelage of highly-trained team.

“The primary reason for the camp is for the kids to have a fun, engaging and exciting program,” says Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Director Kristy Diaz-Trahan. “We think ours is one of the best programs out there because there is a variety and diversity of things for the kids to do,” she revealed to our Camp Navigator team.

The Park and Recreation center new also launches a new program this year — the Art @ the Ranch program. If your child is the artsy kind, he/she will enjoy the variety of art activities lined-up in the camp like culinary arts, paint, drama, storytelling, clay, creative play, and heritage-themed arts and crafts.

To be held at the historic Steam Pump Ranch, this camp will introduce the kids to the origins of arts and culture using the Historic Garden’s hands-on archeology exhibit. Parents will have to shell out $50 for this week-long camp, to be held from 7 to 10 a.m.

But if you thought that was it, wait! There are more to this year's summer fun at Oro Valley Parks & Recreation. Besides the traditional swimming and crafts camp, campers can also enroll into Team Dance camp, Crazy for Horses camp, tennis lessons, swim lessons, archery lessons, kids and teen Boot Camps.

Not just the kids, there are plenty of amusement and recreation lined up for adults and families too. The Oro Valley Aquatic Center is offering a Family Summer Swim Discount, priced at $155 residents and $180 non-residents, and Friday Family Nights for families for just $5. Resident families can also enjoy the 2nd Saturdays at Steam Pump Ranch, exploring the Farmers Market, Historic Gardens and themed arts and crafts.

To know more about summer programs and special events in the Spring/Summer 2014 Parks and Recreation Program guide, visit www.orovalleyaz.gov. You can also like their Facebook page for notification on the summer events.

Amphibious Athletes Land and Water Activity Program

When: June 3-August 2 ((no camp on July 4))

Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

Where: Oro Valley Aquatic Center (James D. Kreigh Park)

23 W. Calle Concordia

Who: Youth

Fee: Resident $95 (swim lessons included); Additional extended camp fee 7 a.m.- 6 p.m. $30
Non-resident $105 (swim lessons included); Additional extended camp fee 7 a.m.- 6 p.m. $35

Contact info: Parks and Recreation at 229-5050

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