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Top 10 Summer camp inspired activities for kids

July 10,2017 12:17 PM
Top 10 Summer camp inspired activities for kids

And its that time of the year again when all the outdoor fun seems never ending and all the delightful weather experiences of a summer camp are just about to begin. While most kids have a few days or weeks of summer camp to attend, some other kids may have lesser days at summer camp so its important for parents to plan some summer camp inspired activities for kids at home itself. The whole idea being “don’t let the party stop” kids must be thrilled and enthused for its time to build memories and cherish them too.

Some camp activities for kids:

Some camp activities for kidsThese summer camp activity ideas are for both camp counselors and parents to benefit. Let your child enjoy and get enriched with the most stimulating experiences for them. Most of these activities can be proceeded indoors or outdoors alike, and with some really cute and colorful additions they become inspiring too. Camp activities for kids include:

1- Art and craft:

Let the colorful and creative juice flow in utmost imaginative ways for your child. The idea here must be to explore the vast opportunities of fun and learning with art or craft. Add more to it by DIY resources. Let the kids build their own doll house or make a cute little painting for their study desk. Allow some wonderful options in terms of their interest and hobby, and let them take these ahead with their creative potential. Keep encouraging them to build and grow

Art and craft

2- Water fun:

Set up the slides and pool in the backyard. There is nothing more enticing than the aqua fun in summers. Get water games and toys and make them to play in a group. Water balloons, slides and splash pad to bring more excitement to their summer time adventure

3- Sports:

Summer is the time for sports and outdoors so bring out the spirits in your kids with soccer, volleyball, base ball, skateboards, bikes and more. These sports will not only keep them involved all through but also help in some physical activity too. Some more real aspect here can be to pick a coach for them too. Let them learn the basics and fundamentals too


4- Reading:

There is nothing more soothing and inspiring that a quite corner and cozy with a book in hand. Not only for kids, as even i love love it any given day. Make it a summer special reading marathon. By giving them the list of books to read and the one’s who finish first get some reward too. Books not only make the best friends but also enrich them academically too.

5- Fishing:

Fishing is a rather elaborate and patient of all outdoor activities for summer. But kids just love to be a part of it. No matter age or strength they just get in rhythm of it when introduced. Have a wonderful and safe set up for their fish-a-thon and help them learn the basics of fishing too.

6- Connect with nature:

Scavenger hunt or hiking/trekking and mountaineering, all of these bring a special connect with nature for the kids. And what better time then summer. Have the kids be a part of activities here like exploring fauna and fauna in an area or learning details about a place. This will enable them to start loving the details of environment and nature too

Connect with nature

7- Robotics:

Robotics has started becoming a very significant part of the kids education. And most kids just love coding or programming basics from as early as age 5. Its never too early when the kids themselves start showing interest and readiness. Make them be a part of the robotics learning and see how they get enriched and inspired.

8- Tea parties with their BFF’s:

Well theres never a right or wrong time when it comes to tea parties or socializing with your BFF’s Pick a theme and help your princess organize her doll birthday or any other celebration. This not only helps in relaxing but also improving their social skills too.

9- Baking:

Kids love to be the baker and decorate foods they love with art they imagine. This gives them newer dimensions for their creative acumen. Allowing the sensory and cognitive skills to blend in utmost delicious ways which not only give them a fun activity but helps in better learning too

10- Organizing and arranging:

As a simple day activity the kids can organize and arrange any part of home or camp. Best ones could be backyard or closet. They have their own ways and ideas to put together all their items. Decluttering is not just adult prerogative, children also enjoy them too well

The above compilation on Top 10 Summer camp inspired activities for kids, is to help us all in giving an enriching and enhancing summer experience to our children. Check campnavigator resources for more updates.

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By Minu Manisha

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