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Going to summer camp with your siblings

July 07,2017 06:19 PM
Going to summer camp with your siblings

Summer camps with your siblings can be fun for some and not so for others. While it is always great to have someone from home along, to feel safe but it may not be ideal for many elder kids. At home it is more about forced togetherness, they play they fight they ignore and they bicker but have to stay under one roof. Going to a summer camp along with your sibling can be rewarding and relaxing too, with some efforts being made before hand.

Benefits of attending summer camps with siblings:

There are ample benefits of being able to attend a summer camp with your siblings. You may not be following the same group or activity there but staying close enough to guard each other. Some more benefits are:

1- Less homesickness:

When you have a sibling along, you feel less homesick and the transition from home to summer camp gets easier. There is a psychological faith too, which makes you feel less lonely and more at home. The feeling of having someone from family around all the time brings joy and comfort to you. Specially if the younger child is attending their first overnight camp it becomes way more easy and simple

2- Cost effective:

From a parent’s point of view, this is a cost effective preposition. To have both or all of kids attend the same summer camp helps you get good discounts too. And when you share the cost of two or three or more kids it gets less as compared to any other offer around. Many camps offer discounts for 2nd, 3rd and subsequent child attending the same summer camp. And this gets even more rewarding if you send the children to same summer camp year after year

3- Strengthens sibling relationship:

Spending quality time together, can help siblings enhance their bonding. This enables a shared experience of being able to connect at an individual level. At home they may not experience the same level of ties, with parents around. But at summer camp they learn to be independent and also share experiences together

4- Alone yet together:

Siblings need not be in same cabin and doing same activities at the common summer camp. Their experiences would be rather different but they will be together in broader terms. This will suffice the alone time concept too for them.

Alone yet together

5- Rise above sibling rivalry:

Children would be able to rise above sibling rivalry once they left to themselves at a summer camp together. WHo got a bigger bite and who gets to play first would not more be the issues and they would rather become more independent, compassionate and confident.

6- More enthusiasm:

When all the kids are prepping up for the same experiences it makes them more excited about the upcoming summer camp.  Getting the same bag, same kinds of camp items and on the same timeline, brings more fun and enthusiasm among all the kids

7- Appreciating one another unlike at home:

When you are there at the stage performing, you sure know theres at least your sibling cheering for you. Which by the way is not same when they are all at home. More than often the kids start getting along in a better way when left at the same camp

8- Post camp benefits in terms better recollection:

What you learn at the summer camp becomes a group experience now. 2 or more children together participating at the same summer camp can help in better learning and better recollecting of all the activities shared at the summer camp.

Some sibling camps which are popular:

Some sibling camps which are popular

There are some sibling summer camps which are specially designed to help siblings connect at deeper levels. And experience better learning of relationships. Siblings together USA sibling camp is one such popular program. It helps in developing a sense of individual and group. Siblings would have fun, gain emotional empowerment and have stronger sibling ties.

They offer siblings a chance to experience activities and fun together. From sport to art to music all the program impact the children in enriching and stimulating ways. Siblings look up to and look out for each other by attending the same summer camp. They learn life skills, survival skills and also therapeutic art to establish connection within self and around.

The above compilation on Going to summer camp with your siblings is to help parents seeking some monetary benefits while sending off their multiple kids to a summer camp. In addition to the cost effectiveness there are ample other benefits which are too nice to be missed.

Check campnavigator resources for more details on summer camps in your area.

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By Minu Manisha

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