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Summer camp for troubled teens

July 01,2017 05:36 PM
Summer camp for troubled teens

Summer is already in its full swing and by now most of our kids would have begun with their preparation for upcoming summer camps. Its not easy to find the right summer camp for your child, and more so when you have a troubled teen at home it gets tougher. These troubled teens are a danger to self and society so they need even more help and inspiration. Summer camps for troubled teens are designed to make enormous changes to the mindset and emotional swings in a teenager.

Who are troubled teens:

Troubled teens are teens in rebellion, to the extent of alienation against home, school and religion. These are against all the institutions designed to aid their growth and transition from teenagers to adults. These troubled teenagers a a threat to themselves and to the world. They are endangering their future, society and stability of the country at large.

These troubled teenagers are emotionally disturbed, and some even suicidal. Some of them are runaways like drug addicts, prostitutes and murderers. While others are delinquent isolated or a part of gangs. Often into dangerous surroundings. Some are at the borderline trouble-rebelling against parents and teachers turning to drugs, befriending anti social elements and mocking the law.

Signs that your kid maybe in need of a troubled teens summer camp:

Check out for these signs in your kid and for any of these try and put them to a troubled teen summer program. These signs include:

1- Depression:

All teenagers undergo a roller coaster of emotions and their hormonal imbalances exacerbate them further but for teens with severe apathy, moroseness, sadness, and continued depression for long this can be a sing they need help before turning out to incorrigible methods.

2- Self harming instincts:

If your teenager shows self harming instincts. Or are injuring themselves to pour out their extreme emotions, they certainly are troubled and need help

3- Suicidal tendencies:

When your teen stars saying the world is better off without me or no one really cares if I am there or not. All these are signs her is troubled and need immediate intervention

Suicidal tendencies

4- Suddenly changing friends:

Abruptly changing their friends and spending time with strange friends is a sure cause if concern. They must be observed for if they are involving in anything anti-social

5- Substance abuse:

Alcohol, drugs, weeds and pot are all dangerous and anytime your teenager feels the need for these a strict intervention is needed

6- Anger issues:

Sudden temper meltdowns and anger seems to become a rather regular issue with the teenager. And when they begin to threaten or intimidate it becomes a more of a concern.

Anger issues

Summer camp for troubled youth:

A summer camp for troubled youth is an adventure based and wilderness short term therapy program, for teens battling troubled times. This therapy is to help troubled teens overcome their physical, mental and emotional upswings. Some camps for troubled teens include:

1- Aspen achievement academy:

This is a troubled teen wilderness program based out of Carolina and Utah. These therapeutic programs are for troubled teens between ages 13-17. It includes individual and group counseling, wilderness individual programs and more. Even families involvement and weekly counseling sessions are included. Certified medical staff is always there at campsite so safety of troubled teen is not a cause of concern. Financial assistance and insurance coverage can make these programs affordable and great for troubled youth.

2- Outward bound:

There are 4 programs for troubled and at risk youth. These 4 programs are Intercept, FINS, STEP and DELTA center. Intercept program enrolls teens starting age 12 and helps them come back from their wrong choice of path. Through therapy this program helps in instilling teamwork and leadership skills in troubled youth. FINS program is to keep teens away from failure, delinquency and substance abuse. STEP program is for juvenile delinquents who must know the alternative to incarceration. Delta centers are set up at rick communities to help teenagers there.

3- Bald eagle boys camp:

A therapeutic wilderness camp for teen boys located in mill hall, Pennsylvania. This camp focuses on optimism and learning life skills. It is a christian camp with Jesus at the center of all. It is an interesting campsite with boys staying there and each tent they put up in serves a purpose. Like cooking tent, eating tent, sleeping tent.

4- Mid-course correction:

This program is based out of Michigan and serves as a youth assistance program collaborating with various juvenile courts. IT takes kids 11-17, its a unique weekend program with runs 46 hours where teens participate in adventure course, marching, calisthenics, work projects and more. It also teaches them consequences of a behavior and their responsibilities

5- US Camp victory:

It is a military style camp taking teens 7-17, an intensive one with 46 hour weekend schedule. Since it is a military style program, the teen is put to physical tasks and forced into extreme situation. They team with a therapist for a more stress intensive camp. Its based out of Florida and offers 3 programs:

  • Wilderness trek program that is aimed at ages 12-17
  • Weekend warrior is a 46 hour program for younger kids, in 7-11 age group.
  • Pathfinder course correction is a 24 hour camp for ages 7-14

6- Fire mountain programs:

This program aims for teens aged 12-17. It is a licensed one Colorado department of health services. It falls under monitoring of this same agency. It covers behavior to substance abuse all issues troubling teens. There is also a residential treatment facility for more severe cases. Its two different types of summer programs are: warrior summer camp for both boys and girls which helps in setting goals and soothing hearts and minds of individuals. The second on is rite of passage camp for boys and girls between 13-17. It focuses on personal awareness and personal growth. Troubled youth with drugs, alcohol addiction, recklessness and rebellion.

7- Resolution Ranch:

For teen boys aged 13-17 to get them away from negative influences. That have led to addiction. Its modified 10 step approach to overcoming addictions is amazing for teens. All all aim at working well for teens. The unique and therapeutic approach utilizes trained therapists to help your child overcome issues like depression, violence and addiction. Each teen must undergo 5 stages called the RANCH. They work with animals and nature to find connect. The Equine assisted psychotherapy enhances emotional growth of the child.

8- Redcliff assistant:

This is a wilderness therapy program for teens who are troubled. Located in southern Utah, for teens aged 13-17. Trained clinical therapists here use outdoor training to help troubled teens. It believes in developmental stalls in development stages of child. They disrupt negative behaviors of children and introduce the child in age appropriate development stage to help them find inner peace.


Though there have been several claims suggesting kids are often suicidal at these camps and there are abuses and death too. But carefully opted amps would not only help but also provide correction to them too.

Check campnavigator resources for more details. Share ahead and keep sending us your feedback, we love them.

By Mini Manisha

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