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The 10 best summer cooking camps in America

June 30,2017 12:56 PM
The 10 best summer cooking camps in America

Already June end and most of the kids are gearing up for their upcoming summer camps. For all those parents who have missed their registration deadlines and are worried about not finding a summer camp for the little explorer yet, there are some wonderful culinary camps still taking registrations. Summer cooking camps are truly culinary delight where everything from arranging the table to the meal plan is taught by some really professional cooks.

Take these culinary summer camps as a creative and fun endeavor which will be a foodie delight and also prepare your child to participate in family meal times ahead. Whatever that gets their creative juices flowing is a wonderful exercise to keep them involved and enriched in the summer. Some of the most interesting dishes can be learnt in utmost delicate ways which will help your child not only to prepare but also eat it too

Summer cooking camps:

Summer cooking camps is more of a preparatory platform for your little one and the family. Everyone loves to play around with flavors and garnish then why not learning the details well. Some of the popular summer cooking camps are:

1- Sur La Table kids and teens summer cooking series:

Sur La Table kids summer cooking series

Its a wonderful and fancy kitchen store with home summer camps for kids 8-17, the highlights being science in the kitchen and bake around the world. The kids get a chance to do it themselves from making butter milk from scratch to whipping up tiramisu with chocolate curls. A 5 day camp focusing on confident cooking for kids. From essentials in kitchen to mastering the fundamentals of cooking. With over 85 locations around the US these cooking classes are a great pick for your kids and teens

2- Summer cooking camp at home cooking New York:

Summer cooking camp at home cooking New York

Hands on cooking classes at SoHo cooking school in NYC. More of a demonstration style cooking, this class is both for private and community groups too. During the week long program learn Italian, Asian, American and Indian cooking. Every 2.5 hour class costs $100 and culminates with campers sitting down together to enjoy the intimacy by lunching on their own preparation.

3- Classic Thyme Cooking School:

Classic Thyme Cooking School

This is a 4 day gardening and cooking camp which focuses on growing plat to harvesting and then finally cooking it too. How to utilize your daily produce to form healthy meal. This program takes the kids to grass root level of cooking. Hands on activities including planting, growing, weeding, gardening and preparation of natural healthy foods. Unlocking the imaginative doors to kitchen and cooking, this camp inspires for healthy and nutritious living.

4- Tiny Chef Summer camp:

Tiny Chef Summer camp

Making healthy and creative meals for family and friends. This interactive and educational children’s cooking class encourages kids to discover joys of cooking. They provide basic education skills and culinary techniques. They aim at bringing personal creativity while preparing meals. And to instill healthy values and confidence to experiment their own creations ahead. Offering a wide variety of dishes, the child never repeats one in entire summer

5- Stone barns center for food and agriculture farm camp:

Stone barns center for food and agriculture farm camp

Children learn to care for animals and plants while preparing their harvests ready for a culinary delight. They help in enabling love for nature and healthy diet in children with some amazing fresh produce meals

6- Culinaria cooking school:

Culinaria cooking school

Importance on seasonal ingredients and techniques for proper preparation of food. Their culinary journey travels through many countries and their diverse cuisines enabling celebrating the world of food. Their amazing ways help kids to unlock flavors, aroma and traditions related to food.

7- Passport NYC cooking camp:

Passport NYC cooking camp

A foodies dream, this 3 week culinary art program includes some hands on lessons from amazing chefs from NYC. Campers get invited to famous food joints, meet food critics, and work with GrowNYC’s greenmarket

8- The chopping block:

The chopping block

One of the best places for novice chef’s to learn how to cook. Follow recipes and work in utmost hygienic ways. Keeping up with safety in kitchen while kids learn and explore new foods and ingredients. Its a unique 4 day session

9- The kids table:

The kids table

Its a hands on cooking camp for chefs of all ages. This week long program gives a chance to kids as young as 2 years to learn basic skills for cooking. How to experiment with ingredients and how to get flavors you desire also follow recipe to make some amazing meals. Silly to sublime themes like Doughnut, superhero kids, farmers market fest, culinary boot camp and more

10- Whole foods market all over US:

Whole foods market all over US

Kids culinary camp at whole foods market in the US, is a 3 day camp which explores different departments in market. Preparation and tasting in addition to following recipes and also creating their own delicious meals with given ingredients.

Summer is a great time to let your kids go wild in the kitchen and when they experiment and explore tastes they definitely become more aware about food and nutrition. Be sure to keep your little ones stimulated this summer with amazing summer cooking camps and more, check campnavigator resources for more.

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By Minu Manisha

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