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Summer camp industry statistics 2017

June 29,2017 06:07 PM
Summer camp industry statistics 2017

Summer camp industry is a very large entity and specially the American legacy has made summer camps a traditional and significant part of lifestyle. From decades summer camp industry is regarded highly for mesmerizing experiences, enrichment like no other place and memories for lifetime. Summer camps are an integral part of a child’s overall development.

Longevity of summer camps from generations is an important factor in determining the prominence they hold in the development of a child. With all areas covered, taking interests, hobbies and academics to an altogether different level of learning. There are some summer camp industry statistics which are replete with it far fetched presence and following

Summer camp industry statistics 2017:

Summer camps are not only a way of spending summers but also an integral part of a child’s development. These summer camps help the campers to become more and more independent and acquire skills. Some of the facts from summer camp industry are:

1- Common camp accreditation: American camps association or ACA is an association of camp owners which runs its accreditation program for camps. Its 300 health and safety standards must be met to get its accreditation. It is the most popular accreditation program in the US

2- Large number of camps in the US: There are about 15000 plus camps in the US of which around 7000 are day camps. Since 2002 the number of day camps has increased by 75%

Large number of camps in the US

3- Average cost of camps: While it is difficult to state but average summer camp cost comes out out $100 a week. Largely dependent to theme, locations and other details they can even go up to $1000 a week. But there are many programs for assistance to low income groups and some of them are also free or cheap for them

4- Average number of campers: Estimated number of campers are around 14 million every year

5- Topmost recreation activities: The most popular recreation activities are recreational swimming and arts and crafts

6- Ownership of these camps: Most of these are run by non profit organizations like girls scouts and boys and girls club of America.

7- Employment generation: They generate over 1.5 million employment in teh form of counselors, staff and other seasons works

Employment generation

Summer camp trends national data:

Summer camp trends national data

1- Summer camp is a $18 billion industry in the US

2- More than 14500 camps exist of which 8500 are resident or overnight camps 6000 are day camps.

3- Each year more than 14 million adults and children attend a summer camp

4- These summer camps generate amazing employments. They employ more than 1.5 million camp staff at various positions both seasonal and regular

5- 44% of the summer camps offer specialized programs for individuals with disabilities.

6- 93% of ACA accredited camps offer some form of financial assistance to over 1 million campers from low income or deprived families. Also these kids may have special needs, medical conditions, or any such which prevents them from attending a summer camp

7- 86% of summer camps offer recreational swimming, 63% offer camping skills, 47% offer climbing and rappelling, 34% offer horseback riding, 75% team building, 41% community service, 23% farming and ranching, and 21% offer wilderness trips.

8- Summer camps adapt to the evolving interests of the campers in a very effective way. These camps have added programs in adventure camps, family camps, nature or environmental programs, gardening programs.

9- Latest of the programs include college planning programs, health/wellness and fitness programs, service learning and community service programs, and cooking with food from camps garden

10- More than half of the summer camp programs have incorporated community service and good deeds in their curriculum. Top most projects conducted here are community clean ups, food drives, recycling programs, volunteering with seniors and patients at hospitals.

11- 50% camps have some relations with school curricula and 20% of all camps are directly partnered with schools as a part of their academic program. More and more partnerships are emerging as a way to help children retain learning over summer.

12- Enrollment trends: 82% camps have seen same or increased enrollments in the past 5 years. And over 50% of the summer camps are 90-95% full.

Top 5 trends of summer camps this year:

With more and more diverse campers the taste and preference of these campers and also larger world issues are keep in mind to design the theme of these summer camps now. Some such trends are:

1- Increased focus on nutrition: Healthy food options are becoming a part of summer camps now. No more junk or sweet food but tasty and healthy food

2- Going green: No more causing damage to the environment, the summer programs are now turning the ecol-friendly way

3- More and more emphasis on community service

4- Trial camps to help kids understand the actual life at camp before they decide

5- More and more thrilling and refreshing activities at camps

6- More focus on campers personal health

7- Adopting of all inclusive activities


The above compilation on Summer camp industry statistics 2017 is to bring out the popularity and facts behind the most successful summer camps in the US. Check campnavigator resources for more updates. Share ahead and keep writing us, we love hearing from you!

By Minu Manisha

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