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5 Reasons why you should go to sports summer camp

June 28,2017 12:38 PM
5 Reasons why you should go to sports summer camp

Summer camp is all about fostering independence and helping the kid gain trust and self-confidence. Summer sports camps are specially designed to inculcate fitness and sportsmanship. More and more professional sports persons come out from these sport specific summer camps. Sport summer camps help in social and athletic development of a child. With more and more activities driving kids towards internet and digital devices it is important to get them some time off these sedentary activities. Sports summer camps are thus structured in a way that they emphasize team bonding, physical fitness and taking charge of self.

Benefits of sports summer camp:

Sport summer camps are not only aimed at bringing outdoor fun in a designed way but also to help kids identify their passion. Its more about being a team player and identify the greater interest of team than self achievements. Also being able to represent the team as a whole. Some benefits of summer camp for youth are:

1- Helps kids get active and physically fit:

Helps kids get active and physically fit

Sport always requires physical and mental fitness. It makes the kids workout and gives them good fitness regime. Summers otherwise becomes just a staycation and gives a sedentary break to kids, if they involve in sport summer camps they get to focus on being fit and take up exercise routine further. It also brings a sense of discipline. Children workout and get tired, they rest and sleep well and also their eating patterns become more structured.

2- Sport camps instill good habits in children:

Sport camps instill good habits in children

Its all about getting the kids out to move around. Childhood obesity has multiplies progressively in the past couple of years and therefore it is very important to develop good habits of eating and workout among kids. To prevent them from becoming prey to this health hazard. The earlier kids learn about the importance of physical activity the better it is to control childhood obesity.

3- Sports based camps make kids ambitious:

Sports based camps make kids ambitious

Kids start becoming more and more ambitious, and goal oriented. They begin plans and strategies to win. Their problem solving skills improve drastically and they become more and more rational in their approach. They may just be a beginner but they learn to stay focused and goal oriented. Being immersed in a sport helps the kids to develop winning spirit and become ambitious. This fosters in them an uncanny desire to set higher goals and win them over. Their progress sis also more realistic than just playing a few minutes everyday at home.

4- Sports camps develop confidence among kids:

Sports camps develop confidence among kids

Kids become more and more confident and start taking their own charge. They get constant supervision and encouragement from coaches and peers which helps in gaining a lot of self-confidence. This helps in making the child more self-aware and with every win they spearhead the expectations which brings even more confidence to them

5- Problem solving, strategic thinking and decision making:

Summer sports camp instills wonderful strategic thinking and problem solving skills in kids. They learn to formulate strategies to improve their performance and also win over the opponents. Their decision making prowess improves each passing day. They learn to be more rational in their approach and think from all the aspects. Being a part of a team and working towards conquering goals helps kids in all these aspects which have greater impact on their life. They start becoming a more balanced person.

Benefits of summer camps for youth:

Youth is a very special time when all that you inculcate and all that the child learns through his or her experiences shapes into an individual they become. Their learning and interactions at this stage largely helps in formulating their personality. Some benefits of attending a summer camp for youth are:

1- Develop a sense of independence and confidence: Kids learn to become independent as they are away from their comfort zone. They take their own charge beginning from how they dress to what they eat and what activity they would pursue

2- It brings a sense of resilience: Kids are more and more positive and able to endure setbacks. With constant encouragement and interaction with peers they learn to rise about their failures too.

3- It gives a digital detox time: They learn to unplug from their digital world and begin to enjoy real world aspects. Connect with nature, with self and with peers helps in bringing harmony and peace of mind

4- It gives them self esteem: When kids take their own decisions and are constantly encouraged to work towards their goals, they experience greater self-esteem.

5- Their social skills improve a lot: They learn to stay as group with many peers and counselors around. Their interactions take a new shape and they learn to form their own social groups.

Some wonderful sports summer camps:

Some wonderful sports summer camps

There are wide range of sport summer camps, beginning from individual to group to league preparatory sport summer camps. They all can have amazing impact on your child. Some of these sport summer camps include baseball, football, athletics, archery, horse riding, league matches, fishing, kayaking, swimming, tennis, taekwondu, basketball, yoga, chess and many more

The above compilation on 5 Reasons why you should go to sports summer camp is to help you find the right sport summer camp for your child and help in their overall development. Be sure to check campnavigator resources for details on summer camps and sport programs

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By Minu Manisha

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