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Online summer camps to keep kids busy

June 27,2017 03:33 PM
Online summer camps to keep kids busy

With the latest trends in summer camps being the virtual way, there is a new revolution coming up. Making camps affordable and flexible. Traditionally summer camps were meant to be a week or more long program, with structured activities and tasks. But with online summer camps, more and more parents are choosing these flexible summer camp options in a virtual way.

Keeping kids enriched and entertained does not necessarily mean hundreds or dollars. A virtual summer camp can give the most desired benefits in just few dollars. And its not just watching movies or shows online, but a rather interactive and challenging format. While the kids learn computer coding and robotics basics in addition to get assessments online, this virtual summer camp format is truly a delightful way to enjoy time in between two school years.

Benefits of online summer camps:

There are ample benefits these virtual summer camps bring in. Unlike the traditional camps these are not bound to the timings in a day for a particular activity. But they rather give a more enriching and stimulating STEM based learning inside home. Some more benefits of virtual summer camps are:

1- Affordable and cost effective: Some of these virtual summer camps are hardly $75 and being so affordable these become the choice for parent on paycheck to paycheck.

2- This enables a chance to learn detailed concepts despite any strata of society: From rich to not so rich every child can benefit from these summer camps online. They provide equal chances to every kid, by being so cheap

3- Some of these camps are even free for everyone

4- They are not sedentary like watching TV but more interactive with conference format of sharing lessons

5- They help in utilizing time between a summer camp and break. This is great for their staycation or between activities to keep them enriched

Some online summer camps:

There are ample summer camps available online. These are more focussed on developing the intellectual capacity further. Some of these are:

1- Start with a book free for ages 6 and up:

Start with a book free

This is an amazing way to enrich reading skills in children during summers. The parents get to bond while kids learn about dinosaurs, animals, sports, buildings, superheroes and music. Their free and research based ideas build upon the kids interests. This program aims at covering up the reading loss during summers. There are 24 kid friendly themes related to books and downloadable activities. For each of these themes there are book suggestions. They have practical suggestion for brining language fluency.

Learn more at their website here

2- PBS parents free for age 3-9:

PBS parents free

A more practical and step by step into reading. There is a downloadable summer reading chart and “book nik” which is book themed picnic. A more hands-on learning experience. Their details on parenting, education, fun and games, child development and many videos help in more enrichment with reading.

3- DIY free for ages 7 and up:

DIY free

Ready for some hand on challenges with art and work. Kids will learn the most stimulating ways to make and develop, build and grow. There are categories on art, business and engineering which are not just for the summers but year round. There are even online counselors for helping and assisting kids.

4- Make Online with cost of material only for ages 12 and up:

Make Online with cost of material only

Maker movement team offers this weekly camp based on themes ranging from far out future and flight. There are daily activities to support the theme, and this PDF shows how to fly a  kite make slime and more

5- Made with code from google free for ages 12 and up:

Made with code from google free

Aimed and inspiring teen girls to pursue their dreams in STEM and specially coding. There are ample projects including making GIF, emojis and composing music all with coding to help the teens tell their story in technological way. There are mentors and more to help STEM based learning an interesting one

6- JAM online courses for kids for 8-16 year olds:

JAM online courses for kids

This is an yearly program with some free and others $25 per months and more discounts. There are drawing, cooking, animation, music. Each course has a professional mentor and quests which kids complete at their own pace

7- Khan academy free for ages 6 and up:

Khan academy free

Meaningful and enriching exploration into areas of math, science, humanities and art. Sign up with a coach like teachers, parents or mentors who will assess their kids performance. Kids also earn badges by learning and teaching. They have a progress map also on the dashboard

8- Brain chase for ages 7-14:

Brain chase

The most creative approach to enrichment, developed by two parents. A 6 week course, kids learn math, reading and typing here in a real life treasure hunt with a chance to win $10k scholarship

9- Camp Wonderopolis for ages 7 and up:

Camp Wonderopolis

Sponsored by National Centre for Family Literacy. Kids learn to explore topics like weather, food and technology. There are lessons, outdoor activities and videos with additional reading suggestions. There is construction and engineering too

10- Connected Camps for ages 8-15:

Connected Camps

Specially designed for tech curious kids. Week long, instruction based Minecraft camp. It includes coding, game design and engineering. Some specific only girls courses in Minecraft and scratch programming.

11- Tech Rocket for ages 10 and up:

Tech Rocket

Launched by iDTechCamp. It offers online instruction on coding, game design and graphic design. There are a variety of levels, and challenges with a dedicated instructor led format of enrichment.

The above compilation on Online summer camps to keep kids busy is to help you keep your kids inspired all through the summers and be a part of this virtual revolution in learning and enrichment to provide them better chances of exploring STEM, reading, COMPUTER and more areas.

Check campnavigator resources for more details, share ahead and keep writing us, we love hearing from you!

By Minu Manisha

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