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Best Family Camping activity ideas

June 26,2017 02:06 PM
Best Family Camping activity ideas

Camping with family is a fun filled and rewarding experience. Specially when summer are here, we all look forward to the camping escapes. It is not only a favorite vacation goal but also brings a family together, share some memorable moments and bond amid a wonderful family time. Most often outdoors take up the camping idea of fun, and fishing, tubing, kayaking, hiking, trekking and exploring the wild become our passion sport associated with camping.

Let us learn some family camp ideas to make our next trip experience thrilling and inspiring one. There are ample camping activities with the family, and more so with a group it becomes easier to enjoy the group adventure games. sharing some of the best family camping activity ideas.

Some enriching family camping tips and tricks:

Family camping tips and tricks to help you enjoy your next adventure amid the wild, with some of the most versatile activities and games. In a group with all age groups, say vacationing with grand parents and kids, its even more important to have major activities keeping in mind the interests of each one. Be sure to pack all essentials for camping trip ahead of the trip. Some such tips are:

1- Allow the games and activities which make the kids excited and involve entire family too in it

2- Keep the clothes as light as possible, its easier to carry and even more as it takes a lot less time to dry after wash.

3- Be sure to pack all your kitchen essentials needed for cooking meals, if you plan to prepare at campsite.

4- Pack all weather outfits to help cover when there are unexpected weather changes

5- Carry a first aid kit with all emergency care items

6- Make a hand washing station for senior adults to give them easier access.

7- Be sure to check campsite safety parameters

8- Keep addresses of nearby emergency care and visitors centre handy

9- Carry collapsible bins for laundry and trash. Its easier to pack and carry

10- carry lighter and normal meal plans, the more regular food they eat the better adjusted they will be at the campsite

11- Be sure to have adequate time for lounging in the tent, to give rest and break especially elder adults.

12- Carry all sleeping supplies including extra blanket and pillows

13- A bug spray is very important so keep it sprayed all around, all the time

14- Bring puzzle books, story books and more individual activities too at the camp site for kids to relax and elders to get some peaceful time too

15- Don’t forget to carry extra paper rolls, wipes and toilet tissues. You would thank later for having carried them all in quantity

Some family camping activity ideas:

There are a variety of games and activities you can enjoy at caping trip. Keep in mind individual interests when arranging these activities for upcoming camping trip. You may have a special favorite family game, be sure to carry it too. Some of these are:

1- Family board games:

Family board games

Boards games are a favorite when it comes to a relaxing and entertaining camping activity. Allow games like monopoly, UNO, scrabble, cards, clue, ticket to ride, apple to apples, checkers, twister, trouble, candyland, battlefield, dominos, jenga, guess who, qwirkle and many more. All these family board games are not just fun, but also bring the family union time as most endearing and invigorating one.

2- Outdoor games and sport activities:

Outdoor games and sport activities

Fishing, kayaking, tubing, surfing, hiking, rock climbing, trekking, swimming, baseball, soccer and more fun filled sport activities must also form an important part of the day. Check the level of strength needed and plan accordingly so that everyone of the family member gets to enjoy at least couple of these

3- Nature connect games:

Nature connect games

Scavenger hunt, alphabet games with nature objects around, spotting the birds and animals and capturing them in your cell phones and many more which bring you close to nature and also help you enjoy some light activities too

4- Music time:

Music time

Bring your favorite guitar, violin or any other musical instrument and relax a soothing and cool time with your family. Or even during the campfires. Add more fun for kids with dances too. Jingles, rhymes, songs and some more to make it memorable for the family

5- Campfire at night:

Campfire at night

Build a campfire and have some special campfire games for the nights.Learn campfire basics makes for essential survival skills and life skills which every kid must know. Gather kindling and twigs and even let kids find coconut topped sticks and more around to build fire. Beware of combustible liquids and keep it safe

6- S’mores and more:

S’mores and more

Whats a camp or campfire without S’mores. May more wonderful s’mores with colored marshmallows and bring all the supplies along. Use choco chip cookies also along with graham crackers and make it more fun and delicious

7- Story telling:

Story telling

Everyone loves to share stories and specially the elders. Have a time marked for story telling where younger kids and enjoy listening to the stories from elder’s past. This helps in reconnecting with age old ways of living, rather than digitized living. Bring more and more hands-on activities which offer a chance to stay together and bond well as family

8- Orienteering:


A map and compass trick is an awesome camping activity. Make a compass course and allow kids to follow and find it. This is a real good way to connect with nature elements

9- GeoCaching


Geocaching is becoming the most popular camping activity in the internet age. People using GPS place hiding places as coordinates on the internet. Other may sign up and participate in the hunt. Use GPS and as a family try to explore the hidden caches.

10- Yoga with family:

Yoga with family

A very wonderful and soothing way to spend early mornings. Family yoga time, helps in bringing the family close and share the secrets of staying fit. It also elaborates the importance of fitness to younger kids and elders may set examples by organizing these in the mornings

The above compilation on Best Family Camping activity ideas is to help you all enjoy your next family camping trip in utmost unique and wonderful ways. Be sure to check campnavigator resources for more details.

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By Minu Manisha

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