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Care Package Ideas for Summer Camp Counselors

May 17,2017 02:22 PM
Care Package Ideas for Summer Camp Counselors

Summer camp care package ideas are to help your little one enjoy and get involved in some of the most invigorating activities. Most kids either start getting home sick as soon as they leave home and they need some change of mind upon entering the camp premise itself. So the counselors need to have some care packages ready in the little campers bag.

What to send in a summer camp care package when you know most items are already covered in the packing list for summer camp. Well, not most really; as you have to think beyond the necessities and routine items. What makes your little one forget everything else. What keeps your child involved for more time without getting bored. Summer camp care package goodies will help them keep entertained while you waved off and left.

Do not send too many candies and check with camp rule book for what items can be sent. Keep in mind about the rest of the campers as they must share their goodies with friends too. Just remember that the summer camp care package must have only the items which would bring smile to the child, help them forget homesickness for the moment and show your love and hug from distance. Though there will be ample summer camp activities but sending these summer camp care packages would help in getting over homesickness greatly.

What to send in a summer camp care package:

1- Snacks:

Be sure to check the camp policy about the kind and quantity of snacks. But do send some of those items which you little one loves to munch. Do not offer too many candies; rather send more of nuts, pretzels, chips, oatmeal, raisin bars and other healthier options. Keep some fruit snacks also in bit sized packets to prevent overeating. You may also make separate ziplocks for each day of the camp to prevent finishing off the stuff too quickly. Do keep a check on healthy foods for brain development while packing these snacks.

2- Glow sticks:

All children love to play with glow lights and these are also needed to help them overcome the fear of darkness. Have a small glow light which can be fixed up or put around to help your child see when he needs to use the restroom at night. Also ask the summer camp counselors to put it high in case of outdoor tents to prevent mosquito bites.

3- Art Kit:

For the budding artist this is much needed. Allow some really nice and new colors to be a part of the surprise art kit for your little camper. This will help them in keeping occupied and stimulated. These would help the child in their downtime and involve some creative endeavors too

4- Friendship band kit:

Friendship band kit

Have a store bought friendship band kit be a part of their summer camp care package. Friendship bracelets have instruction booklets too, these will help the child in making more friends and making more and more friendship bands too. Include some wonderful beads, sparkling threads and more to excite your little one

5- Camera:

A camera can be very important for building lasting memories of the summer camp. Most of us have those pictures, still a treasure from our childhood. These camera’s will help the little camper in capturing the things, people, places and activities that inspired and entertained them while they were away from home

6- Scrapbook kit:

Either store bought or homemade, a scrapbook enables the creative juices like never before. Allow them to write using wonderful colors. When they click a picture they can write details about it in the scrapbook and wait for the photo prints to be stuck up there. Also get the mementos and postcards from the places they visit or see, and stick them with details of everything they did.

7- Tiny games and toys:

Check the summer camp policy for the games you may send. As most summer camps have a variety of board games and sports items. Do send a few solo games and toys which will help your little one keep occupied during free time

8- Books:


Books can be a great way of getting over homesickness. And the more the kids get to read the better it is to help them unwind. And for those kids who are habituated with reading, books are a must. Send 2-3 of those which your child’s wanted to buy recently and could not yet

9- Reading lights:

For the kids who just cant sleep without reading, these are a must in summer camp care package. Allow some cute and wonderful LED lights with minimum disturbance to others. These can help in illuminating the books under blankets too, without disturbing the others.

10- Activity books:

Kids just love to work on the activity books. During summer camps they can find ample time in between activities to work on these cute books. This keeps them stimulated and entertained for long.

11- Skin care items:

Skin care items

Send sunscreen, lotions, night cream, oil, lip balm, soap and petroleum jelly to help the kids in keeping their skin hydrated and nourished. This will also keep them happy and away from any skin deformities

12- Insect repellents:

Try for more natural based and deet free options. Bands and sprays can both be equally beneficial. Keep an extra set for these are a must at their summer camp. To prevent mosquito, fly and other insects from your child.

13- Summer camp special wardrobe:

Buy some funky summer camp tees and socks to make the little one happy and proud. Have some of the most wonderful and amazing colors which your child likes, and keep a set for each days packed and prepared.

Summer camp special wardrobe

14- Photos of family:

For there will be few times when your little one would miss you and family a lot. Put the selected pictures in an album to help your little one get over their homesickness

15- Send love notes:

Give surprise love notes for each day packed in your little one’s daily snack pack or dress pack. Write fun things and try to be more happy than showing emotions. You may even have a few involving dimensions to it by writing one word a day and make a sentence at the end of the summer camp.

The above compilation on Care Package Ideas for Summer Camp Counselors is to help you answer the most important question what to send in a summer camp care package. Though these packages may have ample other items but do no over stuff these bags as you don’t want your little one to miss any important part of summer camp.

Check campnavigator resources for some exclusive details on summer camps and special programs. Share ahead and keep writing us, we love hearing from you!

By Minu Manisha

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