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Top 10 Reasons To Do A Trek during vacation

May 16,2017 12:32 PM
Top 10 Reasons To Do A Trek during vacation

Summer is here and its time for all the fun and frolic in outdoors. The best time for hiking, trekking and rock climbing in addition to all the sports activities. Let us learn about the top 10 reasons to do a trek during vacation time. Children and adults equally look forward to this amazing adrenaline pumping activity. Trekking includes hiking and walking in mountainous region for a number of days specially into the wild with slim population and amid nature’s bounty. Trekking in fun filled and highly invigorating for those who love to explore the world on their foot. Trekking has various levels of risk and requires some physical strength to proceed.

Picking a trekking summer camp for your child or yourself can impart not only strength, courage and balance but also love, compassion and humility too. Check campnavigator resources for some of the most exclusive listings for summer camps and special programs. We have a comprehensive list with details and reviews, matching your needs.

Top 10 Reasons To Do A Trek during vacation includes:

1- Trekking for exploring the nature “beneath and beyond”:

As philosophical as it sounds, trekking is all about exploring the nature. To find out about a new place, to know about the culture and tradition of people around. To help cultivate an insight into the life and living forms, their interactions with environment and nature. No access to internet, TV or mobile phones; only the serious lovers of nature would take the plunge to conquer the unknown amid the unexplored.

2- Trekking improves fitness and strength:

Imagine climbing the snowy mountain amid temperatures -10F or even low. Food and water stays limited and energy foods are mostly taken all through the trek to keep up the bodily demands of nutrition. Climbing, walking and balancing requires a whole lot of stamina and courage. Daily climb of 8-10 hours is not easy, it is almost working out at a gym with balances training for those many hours. Trekking definitely adds more physical activities and increases our strength to endure. Don’t forget the muscle power it would add

3- Trekking gives a chance to connect with nature:

Trekking is all about being amid nature, in the wild, climbing the mountains and enjoying the unconquered landscapes around. It is an unscripted experience filled with surprises. Run on the blanket of snow, slide on the banks of rivers, lie down on the green meadows under the starry blanket and enjoy camp fires night after night.

4- Disconnect to connect with self:

Connect with self

With the fast moving life, it is very important to find time to connect with self and introspect. But our digital lives are fixed with smart phones, tablets and network connectivity all around, and it gets difficult to find this much needed time to self for keeping our own sanity. Trekking helps in providing this as most of the areas fall out of the purview of internet connectivity and no power or phone lines too for some.

5- Trekking empowers with life lessons:

Staying on a trekking camp, with fellow trekkers, and finding life of a minimalist as our ancestors may have lived. The serene mountains help us in getting a chance to connect with people from various cultures, traditions and beliefs. These also result in lifelong and lasting relationships. Most of the trekkers I know have met their partners or spouse at some of their trekking expeditions. Trekking makes you humble and considerate for others. It makes you patient and compassionate. These essential life skills are not only important but also helpful for our life ahead.

6- Bucket list stuff:

Bucket list stuff

Trekking gives you a chance to check one or many of your bucket list items. The challenges, fun, experiences and learnings are unmatched and every trekking experience makes for once in a lifetime memory. Do not forget to take as many pictures as you can to enjoy the wonderful gift of life you opted for.

7- Trekking helps in removing daily life stress:

Trekking involves lot of challenges and thus unwinds us from our daily grind and stress. It is considered as adrenaline pumping yet calming experience which divers our attention from our routine work -life stress, to more conquering and fulfilling daily tasks.

8- Trekking helps in improving awareness:

Trekking helps us to know a place and its history while climbing the serene mountains. It also helps us gain knowledge about civilizations and mountain life. This helps us in better understanding of life and living

9- Trekking helps in gaining mental strength:

With the constant challenges at every step, trekking prepares us mentally too. The kind of strength it adds to our mental health is unimaginable. Trekking needs a lot of endurance and constant push from within to run that extra mile and achieve the goal. This makes the inner self stronger and ready to conquer the world

10- Trekking helps in understanding feeling like love, passion, care and comfort at altogether different level:

Trekking brings you closer to people, helps in developing trust and love for humanity. Living a minimalist life makes you break free from your comfort zone and ready to live the challenges the camp offers.


The above compilation on Top 10 Reasons To Do A Trek during vacation is based on my own experiences with some spectacular expeditions during holidays. As challenging as it sounds, it calls for both physical and mental strength. Pack your backpacks and go out and about with your family or join summer camps for trekking to enjoy this amazing experience. It provides freedom and inner peace at altogether different level and helps in learning so much more about life and living unlike the lessons in theory. They offer wonderful summer camp activities for a marvelous vacation time. Be sure to check summer camps at campnavigator, your trusted partner to help you enjoy an enriching and learning experience.

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By Minu Manisha

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