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Top 15 summer camp activities for wonderful enrichment

May 06,2017 02:08 PM
Top 15 summer camp activities for wonderful enrichment

Summer time is here and now, and its time to begin outdoor adventures and camping trips. Sharing some summer camps activities for wonderful enrichment and skills development for your little one. Kids must be involved in stimulating and invigorating activities for their overall development, also make sure to introduce as many sports, art, literary and other activities as possible. You never know, what clicks with your child and they take it ahead as a career. Most summer camp activities are power packed with not only special skills but also a schedule to boost physical fitness and morale, in addition to fun and frolic

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Top 15 summer camp activities for wonderful enrichment include:

1- Friendship bracelets:

Friendship bracelets

Remember our times, when we all went for summer camps. These friendship bracelets were a must adornments on our wrists, when we came back from our summer camps. These friendship bracelets are simply adorable and special for celebrating the new friends kids met at summer camps. This is the top most summer camp activity that kids enjoy the most. It is also very special for these friendship bonds are for life and making some wonderful wool, thread, beads weaved and littles hearts in the friendship band makes for awesome adornments

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2- Cardboard cars:

Cardboard cars

Decorate cars made out of cardboard boxes or shipping boxes is an awesome summer camp activity that not only helps in fun-filled time, but also helps in wonderful art projects. Add some more fun with buttons as tires, colored papers and some wonderful adhesive stickers. These card board cars are sure to delight your little ones.

3- Indoor maze:

Indoor maze

Use duct tapes of various colors and make a challenging maze in the hallway. These mazes are fun, exciting and thrilling for little ones. They can also be built by the kids. As a summer camp activity make the kids form their own mazes in groups and challenge one another. A lot of activities can also be added in these, to make it even more wonderful .

4- Campfire s’mores:

Campfire smores

What is a summer camp without a campfire and some s’mores. Add dark chocolates and marshmallows to make it wonderful. Some more art additions can be with decorated marshmallows and edible colors on s’mores. Campfire fun can be doubled with healthy treats from strawberries, banana, choco chips and more on the skewers to be arranged and decorated well.

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5- Chalk twister on the ground:

Chalk twister on the ground

Draw a game of twister with chalks and make large circles with dark colored chalks. Use this self made twister mat for fun and enjoyment. Roll dice and heck which color to move next. More than the game twister, this calls for group laughter and joy. Alternately have art activities on ground with chalks, this is one of the most loved summer activity by the kids.

6- Make bird feeder:

Make bird feeder

Connect kids with nature by introducing this bird feeder to them. Invite them to make some wonderful bird feeders using birdseed and flour, then thinning a little with water. Now press this in to a cookie cutter. Before it sets put a loop of thread so that its easy to hang. Now set it up at trees and plants where birds would have easy access to the same

7- Group scrabble:

Group scrabble

Divide the entire clan into groups of 3-4 each, now distribute single letter scrabbles and ask them to pick 7 letters from it. Now make as many words as you can and write on a piece of paper. Every person writes their own word formations and until end, the one who has maximum number of meaningful words from the oxford wins.

8- Group coloring project:

Group coloring project

Set up an easel and a chart paper. Now in a line ask every child to come and make one line each. At the end there must be a good art project. Only thing that binds one another here is, one line ahead from the last line made. Only shape to be used is a line and fix the size of the line too

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9- Rock painting:

Rock painting

Grab some oval shaped rocks from river stream and have oil colors set for this wonderful summer camp activity. Allow the kids to enjoy a competition of painting nature on the rock. A little tricky on this oval shaped rock, but with children being their creative best, expect some masterpieces coming in.

10- Fly kites:

Fly kites

Kite flying is probably the most fun activity for all children. Have a place amid the park, with fewer trees around. There must a good open space. Run in the wind to let your kite soar. Make it more fun with some kite flying competitions to involve the kids in a challenging way.

11- Water balloon fights:

Water balloon fights

The most wonderful catch to beat the heat and enjoy some water fun. Make two groups and provide water filled balloons. Allow hitting these water balloons on kids and make it a challenge with who hits the most.

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12- Scavenger hunt:

Scavenger hunt

Make an elaborate of list of things that are seen outside in the summer camp space. Provide all children with these and send these kids to hunt them and write about them. Even more fun can be with collecting those items and bringing them in, who gets it all first wins.

13- Cup cake decoration:

Cup cake decoration

Provide some plain cup cakes and icing, sprinkles, m ‘n’ m, cereals and more. Give them all the freedom, to make the cake that delights them. Also add some cherries and strawberries for the fun and frolic decoration. Make it challenging by involving some set patterns and colors for kids to work on, say rainbow arrangement, fruit fun, cereal arrangement and more

14- Dress up party:

Dress up party

Have some robes, capes, wands, crowns and overwear halloween kind of outfits. And set up a wonderful dress up party. Enjoy music and dances with some party snacks and games. It makes for a lovely and memorable day at the camp

15- Face painting:

Face painting

Have the face paint colors set and make it a more colorful event with kids painting them on each other. Give them the characters and shapes they wish to draw and have an enjoyable time

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The above compilation on Top 15 summer camp activities for wonderful enrichment is based on readings and experiences overtime. All of these activities are aimed at bringing delight amid learning to our little ones. Children must have an involving and enriching time at the summer camps and these activities ensures it all. Be sure to check campnavigator for more details on these and an exclusive list of summer camps in your area. Pick your fit and allow your child to have a fun-filled and learning summer this year

By Minu Manisha

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