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10 Ways to reduce belly fat at home for teens

April 17,2017 12:56 PM
10 Ways to reduce belly fat at home for teens

Just like adults, teens are also facing obesity and belly fat issues. With digital media it is becoming increasingly difficult for kids to indulge in outdoors. This makes for over eating and improper workouts. So we bring some ways to reduce belly fat at home for teens. At this age crash diet or infact diet per se, is not advisable. A few lifestyle changes and fitness methods can not only lead to reduced belly fat but also help teens adopt a healthy way of living.

Restrictive diets and rigorous workouts may not be good until adult stage. Teens must not eliminate food completely, for their growing age it is very important to eat adequate nutrients. A few changes in food items and some more changes at home, are definitely wonderful in reducing belly fat. Make belly fat reduction an agenda for this summer, check campnavigator for more such special need programs.

Ways to reduce belly fat at home for teens include:

1- Drink more water:

Drink more water

This is known to be a major cause for constipation and other issues. Teens generally do not drink plenty of water in a day. Water is a universal solvent and it helps in body circulation and also removing fats and toxins from body. More the water consumption, better effect on health. Also the other beverages which teens indulge in, like sugary juices, soda and aerated drinks are immensely related to fats and health hazards. So water must be taken adequately and compensated for these drinks.

2- Digital detox:

Digital detox

Teens need to switch off their tablets and smart phones. Also TV must be limited to an hour in a day. These devices and screen times are taking a toll on kids health. More so, these devices make the kids adopt some unusual positions to watch or play games on them. Increasingly prominent are lower back and thumb deformities. American Academy of Pediatrician suggests a teen should watch no more than 1 or 2 hours of TV during the day. Instead they must participate in rich hobby building exercises and reading books.

3- Eat short meals:

Eat short meals

Teens must eat short meals and not over stuff with food in any meal. The lesser quantity of food even over more number of meals in a day is a healthy and wise option. Eat 3 meals with small portions and 3 snacks in a day. It can be achieved easily by fixing a small size plate for meals. The smaller the plate the fuller the meal looks

4- More fruits and vegetables:

More fruits and vegetables

Teens must eat at least 2 bowls of fruits and vegetables in a day. They are dietary fibers which will not only help in reducing belly fat but also keep the system balanced and functional. More the vegetables more will be the feeling of full meal, thus low chances of junk foods or snacks. Some fruits and vegetables make you feel full for long, these must be taken more and more. Also stir fry without oil or minimal oil is a great snack or meal, in addition to fruit snacks or nuts.

5- Check sugar intake:

Check sugar intake

Teens must be made aware of the consequences of adding more sugar to diet. The more aware they are the less they would snack on sugary foods. Instead adopt honey for added sweetening. Doughnuts, bagels, muffins, fudge, ice creams and candies are unnecessary sugar additions to the diet. These must be reduced and checked for their sugar contents

6- Keep away from Soda and aerated drinks:

Keep away from Soda and aerated drinks

Soda based drinks are a big cause for teen belly fat. Teens do not pay attention to their side effects and consume way too much of these. Soda based drinks not only add more calories but also damage the oral passage and digestive tract.

7- Walk more:

Walk more

Use the pedometer or cell phone apps and track how many steps is the teen taking in a day. This can be challenging and fun too. Just aim a 10k steps in a day and go about increasing it further. Also they can walk to their school or college and add more steps to their daily routine.

8- Indulge in Yoga and zumba:

Indulge in Yoga and zumba

Teens must begin adopting a routine for yoga and zumba. Find their passion and practice daily 15-20 minutes of yoga or zumba. In addition they can join classes at local parks and recreation centers too. These classes are not only for fitness and reducing belly fat but also for drifting teens into adopting some real fitness regime.

9- Reduce stress and anxiety:

Reduce stress and anxiety

Teenage is a time when anxiety and stress are at its peak. Even a preteen angst is known to cause a lot of stress and tension among young kids. As a parent be their friend and confidante and listen to their problems. They need to get over this anxiety and stress as even feelings cause adding fats to the diet. Stress interferes with sleep and too much stress can lower sleep and stimulate hunger hormones. Make your little one feel happy in their own achievements and about their body, and do not put pressure for over achieving their goals.

10- Adopt a family ritual for fitness and diet:

Adopt a family ritual for fitness and diet

When as a family you adopt a routine for fitness and diet it is easy for your teen to follow. As a parent set example by going for walk, jog and yoga. In addition adopt a healthy eating pattern at home. Avoid junk and sweet indulgence. Prefer home cooked meals and involve your teen in preparing that too.

10 ways to reduce belly fat

The above compilation on 10 ways to reduce belly fat at home is to help parents and teens understand the importance of healthy food habits and a fitness routine. The earlier they adopt this healthy lifestyle the better it will be for their own health. As a parent, be their role model and friend. Be sure to keep a check on their daily requirements for essential nutrients. They are at a stage where eating right and adequate is extremely important for their growth and development.

In addition put them in summer programs aimed at workouts and belly fat reduction.

Check campnavigator for more updates on such camps. We have a plethora options for you to pick from

By Minu Manisha

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