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How Music Benefits Children In Their Overall Development

April 15,2017 02:30 PM
How Music Benefits Children In Their Overall Development

Music is more than just self expression through instruments, music is a universal language which is spoken and understood by all in magical ways. Music is all-pervasive and unites people and nature. Apart from being a quintessence of our expression, it frees our mind, body and soul. And we must begin introducing our little ones to melody and rhythm from as early as infancy. Let us know how music benefits children in their overall development. Children who get early exposure to any form of music and dance, are believed to have greater IQ, advanced motor skills and have an emotional outlet which helps in their self-expression. Music helps in instilling creative acumen in children

Music is a way of life

Music is a way of life, which helps in self-reflection and self-enrichment. While most kids enjoy playing with the musical instruments as a leisure and fun activity, there are ample kids who take up professional classes for music and dance. Their overall concentration and focus increases when they practice playing an instrument for long. How music benefits children, is even more backed by science and research. It is believed to develop ‘neurophysiological distinction’ which aids literacy as they process respective sounds in magical ways. This sums up the fact that children who play musical instruments have improved neural processing.

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Some more points on how music benefits children:

1- Music improves memory and learning for children:

Music improves memory

Music stimulates different patterns of brain development. The resonance of notes and beats, enriches their own neural functions. And they begin identifying and relating activities and concepts.

2- Music improves IQ and academic skills:

Music improves IQ

Music is believed to have same logic and analytics as math, so learning music helps in understanding mathematical operations and functions in a more elaborate and enriching way. Children explore scientific principles and mathematics by playing musical instruments. The nerve pathways open up further, the crucial math and science skills in young children.

3- Music improves literacy and language skills:

Music improves literacy

Music and language are intertwined, they are processed and retained in human system the same way. They are believed to be bonded in similar way and our mind uses same methods to memorize and retain them. Children taking music lessons learn to be patient and have great listening skills. So their overall language development enriches.

4- Music develops discipline and humbleness:

Music develops discipline

Children become more and more disciplined as they learn to enjoy the musical language. And to be able to love music, one must be silent and focussed. Children learn about gratification and moreover delayed gratification. Children first learn to hold the instruments in the most accurate way before learning to even play it once. This is self control and delayed gratification. They learn the importance of doing right things at the right time in a chronological learning graph. Children become more and more attentive and compassionate. For they must wait for their chance and listen to others, this makes them become more and more empathetic.

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5- Music benefits interaction and problem solving skills:

Music benefits interaction

Musical instruments are generally coordinated and played. Children may learn one instrument but during concerts or performance shows, they must have a band performing a plethora instruments. Children become more and more interactive and begin experimenting problem solving skills. They may not know these fundamentals skills, as yet, but what they are trying to achieve through balance and coordination, brings these higher life skills in them.

6- Children learn to become emotionally stable and find connect within:

Children learn to become emotionally stable

Music helps in self-connection with the instruments. Children start leaving their worries and stress behind when they play the musical instrument. As soothing and melodious as it sounds, for most adults music is a form of anti-depressant. Children if begin music early, are found to be better in command of their emotions and control of their anxieties

7- Music instills self confidence and self-esteem:

Music instills self confidence

Children begin with basic lessons and then with progress and classes, they start doing it all. This makes them have faith and belief in their own skills. They begin to have confidence in their expression. Music also puts them on the stand, they are judged and criticized. But music makes it more for constructive and enriching ways. Their evaluations and further trainings help them in building self esteem which is a strength they will keep for their life.

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8- Music develops fine motor skills and more control over dexterity:

Music develops fine motor skills

Children need an advanced level of coordination when they use their hands and eyes in addition to looking at notes from books and playing them on instrument. I specially would vouch for piano as seeing my 3.5 year old play a keyboard and piano was so mesmerizing. She could check the notes and play it at the same time. Though the piano may have been too huge but her courage and determination made for a superior level of control.

musical instrument

How music benefits children is as surprising and captivating as anything else. And introducing a specific musical instrument or music based classes for fun maybe a beginning to a wonderful life ahead. There are some specialist instruments which are believed to have more focus and command and some others which are more for relaxation and recreation. Find your child’s passion and interests and enrich them further. The instrument must match the temperament of your child and must definitely bring smile to them.

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By Minu Manisha

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