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How to Find a Summer Camp Job this season

April 13,2017 12:40 PM
How to Find a Summer Camp Job this season

Summer camp jobs are exciting, enriching and a life-time memory for everyone. They train you for the skills which will not only add to your resume, but also help you in finding your forte. Most camp jobs are approachable for high school or college students, also some gap year students utilize camp job for their skill building and self-evaluation. The summer camp jobs may even help in identifying your area of interest and acumen, for their hands on experiences with kids and under situations unmatched. The zeal, passion and patience which add up to making a wonderful camp job, are admired and appreciated by management executives all over. It adds further to your job marketability. This sure is an added advantage in resume, for anyone over 18.

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Each summer camp brings in diverse learning and opportunities for all. Their essence and curriculum is different which makes no two camps provide the same set of skills to individuals. Even in similar category like sports, religious, art or academics; every summer camp offers a unique blend of roles and responsibilities for its workers and extremely varied experiences for campers. Therefor a careful analysis is needed to find your interest and expertise. Make your first summer camp job an effortless experience which will enhance your own understanding of opting for jobs further. There are ample cases when summer camp counselors join every year for their camp jobs. As it becomes an indispensable part of their lives, in addition to a paid vacation fun.

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How to Find a Summer Camp Job this season:

1- Start writing down your interests and experiences, if any:

writing down interests and experiences

Begin by self-analysis and self-evaluation. It is very important to enrich and enjoy your summer camp job, it is as challenging and as fun as any other job ever would. Make a list of your most desired choices in terms kinds of ambience, kind of work, level of competence in any art, sport or academic stream you may wish to pursue further. Do make a SWOT analysis sheet for yourself, and for specific camps you are focusing. Your strengths and weaknesses match, must become your qualifying criteria to grab your job pick

2- Start exploring early:

Start exploring early

There is ample competition in terms job seekers and your locality. Most of the times some specific jobs at summer camps get filled even before the year beginning. This is because many camps begin structuring their logistics for the upcoming summer even before fall of the previous year. Thats when you will be required to catch the worm. Make “finding summer camp job for the coming season” your fall agenda.

3- Check your local employment directory:

Check local employment directory

Most of the times a local employment directory gives a first hand information on camp jobs and deadlines. Keep in touch with personnels there and read all the listings and postings in time. You may also discuss with counselors there for optimal and feasible choices for your level of skills and strengths.

4- Check campnavigator:


Yes! we have ample opportunities listed down for camp job seekers. There are specifics for every camp job and you must read through their reviews and description to find your fit for this season. Our team has exclusive networks with camp associations and we offer some first posted jobs from these camps. Grab your job for this season.

5- Contact the camp organizers and associations:

Contact the camp organizers

Contact specific camp organizers directly for there maybe better chances of getting your desired jobs. If you like a particular camp, you must get in touch early-on. There maybe a long queue but location and interest levels, in addition to your own skills and experiences may help you get an edge

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6- Make a resume:

Make a resume

A resume must be your first step, and it maybe a great way to contact ample camp organizers through post or email. There must be major emphasis on your skills and interests. And be sure to mention your summer camp experiences and highlights for all the camps you attended as a camper or even for jobs. Do mention the reasons in one or two lines, for why do you wish to take the plunge by signing up for a summer camp job. And what makes you stand apart from your peers, in terms why must a camp organization put you above the rest. Learn to sell your skills and expertise to your advantage

7- Review camp websites and and job portals:

Review camp websites

You can check individual camp websites or job portal like indeed also posts for vacancies at summer camps. For specific camp websites, there are better chances of understanding the roles and responsibilities and they also give idea by almost a visual tour of the camp organizations and locations. They also highlight camp vision, mission, culture, job details and job description too.

8- Enrich from your references:

Enrich from your references

Have good references added on your resume, and be sure to talk and discuss your prospects with them. There are chances you would get a better insight into the kind of work and skills you may get out of a summer camp work experience. They may also direct your better than anyone else, for they know your skills and experiences well.

9- Ask your teachers and counselors in addition to local employment counsels:

Ask your teachers and counselors

Discuss and find more information about camp jobs and details, with teachers and counselors at your college. These are excellent resources as they may have worked at a few camps and they sure know much about a specific camp in your area.

10- For international job seekers:

For international job seekers

There are visa and other documentation rules for joining a summer camp job. Also there maybe specialized skills needed for fetching a summer camp job abroad. Applicants from outside US must directly contact specific summer camps and show desire and competence for the available jobs. It may be easy for some and extremely hard for others to get an international summer camp experience, just keep networking and finding out more. You never know how and when it clicks.

enriching summer

There is no other experience so enthralling, so fulfilling an so adrenaline pumping like a summer camp job. You get all the perks of vacation at an exquisite location, and learning of a lifetime, in addition to some handsome and quick money without shelling a single buck. Be sure to begin early and network well. Your skills and competence proliferates among your associations far better than through direct application submission. Check campnavigator for latest job openings at summer camps in addition to finding camps for your own friends and family. Be sure to read through all the details and reviews before choosing. Enjoy and have an enriching summer this time.

By Minu Manisha

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