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Summer Camps at Interactive Science Museums

March 01,2017 02:48 PM
Summer Camps at Interactive Science Museums

Summer camps at Children’s interactive science museums are dynamic and amusing. Children learn through discovery, play and exploration. Interactive spaces provide reflection, experimentation, creativity and fun. They follow the old school method of ‘learning by doing’ which instills creative and ingenious orientation in children. Children learn experimentation and research fundamentals with hands-on exhibits.

Interactive Science Museum

Summer camps at interactive science museums are designed to unleash your child’s curiosity to explore. Every city has at least one of such museums with interactive-science-technology based enriching exhibits. They offer educational opportunity for little campers to be scientific during their summer break. With campnavigator.com you can find the perfect camp for your little explorer.

Reasons to choose Summer Camps at Interactive Science Museums:

Reasons to choose Summer Camps

  • Early experiences in STEM provide basic foundation for future: Sooner we give them exposure to Science, technology, robotics and planets, quicker they develop interest to pursue it further. STEAM offers vast opportunities for everyone.
  • Learning by doing: Children engage in scientific and creative tasks. They learn the fundamentals by participating in activities. This helps them explore their own scientific urge.
  • Summer camps offer an-all-inclusive curriculum: The week long summer camp is designed in a way that touches upon every buzzing aspect of STEM
  • Challenge is fun: Science museums have exhibits for ages up till 15 so the exhibits challenge every young child to learn and experiment
  • Creativity and imagination: Interactive discovery spaces give a perfect canvas to little thinkers. With campers of from diverse age and awareness, every child gets enriched.
  • Stimulation: Children get stimulated with the exciting concepts in interactive medium. They develop scientific and logical perspectives.
  • This also helps in developing motor, sensory and cognitive skills of the children. This encourages children to pitch in their ideas and learning’s without hesitation.
  • Begin early: Make your child experience STEM early in their life. This will make scientific learning a part of their system.
  • STEM provides interdisciplinary learning: Concepts of science, technology and engineering together provide inclusive and activity based learning. This transforms children from little thinkers to little scientists
  • Kids love to explore: Children must be given an environment where they can explore freely. They get familiar with experimental learning which promotes independence in them.
  • Science museums are glorified educational playground: Science museums offer the same concepts as anywhere else, what makes them stand apart is the interactive and free space they offer. Children get recreational insights into scientific concepts and this makes them enjoy while they learn


There are ample opportunities for children at science museums. Look out for most suitable camps for every age. From Robotics to 3D printing, tinkering workshops to animation, STEM workshops to Planetarium, there are multiple options to choose from. Be sure to check your child’s interests and passion.

Summer camps in such conducive and stimulating environment are sure to bring wisdom and insight into your little learners.

Click on the link below to check summer camp at a popular interactive science museum in FL, you are in for some amazement and zing.


Imaginarium Science Center

The Camp I-SC at Imaginarium Science Centre includes indoor, outdoor, science, magic, logic and animal encounters too. Everything you imagined for that perfect Summer Camp to quench your little curious rover. Let discovery and innovation add fun to warmth in the surroundings.


Don’t forget to check out your nearest interactive science museum at campnavigator.com. Your innovative discovery to summer starts here. Be sure to navigate through our latest listings for more updates. We don’t want you to miss them for nothing.



By Minu Manisha

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