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Fundraising Ideas for Summer Camp

March 24,2017 05:28 PM
Fundraising Ideas for Summer Camp

Summer is just around here and will stay for good few weeks. And it's time to go out for fundraising to leverage the coming outdoor fun. And also giving your bit for the cause. Sharing some fundraising ideas to help in relieving camps from budgetary crisis. Fundraisers are always in the crunch of donations and money, and as a volunteer, you can help them in attracting more and more donors on board. You just have to get them and their families excited about the camp and inspire them to join hands. And there are ample creative ways for seeking donors. Make it a win-win situation for everyone, thus celebrate fundraiser as a curtain-raiser to your upcoming plans for summers. This will attract donors and participants alike.

Fundraising Ideas for Summer Camp

1- Plan an outdoor movie night

Plan an outdoor movie

Outdoor movie nights amid spring blossoms is as creative and exciting as it sounds. Take an outdoor movie equipment rental if for a large gathering. Partner with any park or downtown areas. Seek corporate sponsorship, tickets or entry donations, food stalls, games, inflatables and face paints.

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2- Host a musical festival

Host a musical festival

Get a decent band to perform for your fundraiser. Some local bands do it for free for their bit into charity. Benefit concerts are extremely popular for their fun and energy. Tickets, beverage sales, games and some more stalls can be up for funds. Also seek corporate endorsements.

3- Marathon or half marathon or 5k run

marathon or 5k run

I Many people are fond of such events and expect lots of participation from as young to as old. Add some more fun with themes and music. You may also collaborate with other marathons and make people participate for your cause.

4- Swim-a-thon

Fundraising Ideas05

A swim-a-thon is very popular for warmer regions. Just collaborate with indoor or outdoor pool and add more creative dynamics to this.

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5- Beach volleyball

Fundraising Ideas06

Beach volleyballs are very famous and helpful in fundraisers. Not much rental needed just a beach and net for some fun filled sport. Offer prizes and favors for winners to attract more participation.

6- BBQ dinner contest

Fundraising Ideas07

A fulfilling gourmet fundraiser. Rent or have it in organizations parking lot. People love this kind of gathering specially with families. Compete for meals and get official tasters to select. Add more creative ideas with beverages stall, inflatables for the kids and face paints.

7- Yoga class

Fundraising Ideas08

These classes are popular and sometimes in park or outdoors, they are most sought after. Just get a certified yoga instructor on board and plan your event. Add more creative fundraiser ideas with water and yoga gear stalls.

8- Car wash and polish

Fundraising Ideas09

Advertise your car wash fundraiser on social media and local community. Add some wonderful car spa equipments and tools and offer a range of goodies.

9- Game nights

Fundraising Ideas10

Organizers family game nights with prizes. Offer various games for all ages. Add food and drinks stalls.

10- Offer for yard work, recycling, decluttering garage and others:

Fundraising Ideas11

This is more individual based fundraiser. Offer your help and expertise to organize of create for the donor. This is helpful fundraiser and doesn't require much of tools or equipments.

11- STEM workshops:

Fundraising Ideas12

STEM workshops for young kids is a very exciting way to involve families and publicize your upcoming camp. Just collaborate with library for conference room or with community centers. Set up a few science and technology based activities. These are very popular and attract masses.

12- Story time:

Fundraising Ideas13

For little ones set up story time fundraisers, mom and baby kind attendance or even family. Have some play areas and inflatables also set up.

13- Baking and catering:

Fundraising Ideas14

Offer your culinary skills through baking and catering. Take orders and promote the fundraiser.

14- Parents night out:

Fundraising Ideas15

Organize for taking care of child and some exciting play dates, and help the parents get a time off. This is very popular fundraiser in some areas.

15- Even a sneak-peak of your upcoming camp:

Invite for a sneak peak of your camp, give families an experience of what's coming up, do a day camp for few hours. This will not only be a fundraiser, but a publicity tactic too.

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Plan ahead and plan right, this can be your chance for hosting a wonderful summer camp ahead. This is some fulfilled activity and your chance to give back. Carefully check your resources and surroundings and then plan your fundraiser event. Your events must resonate with your supporters, they must be able to blend with your ideas and plans. Develop strong associations with donors and make them long term and lasting relationship.

Share these ideas and let us know your feedbacks. Also for summer camps and programs for this summer, check campnavigator for an elaborate list on every topic you can find nearby. Be sure to choose your pick.

Minu Manisha

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