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Essential Summer Safety Tips for Kids

March 15,2017 12:26 PM
Essential Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Summer time is exhilarating and enriching. With vacation and weather being awesome, it is the  most exciting time of the year when kids participate in more and more outdoor activities. As stimulating as it sounds, it is also very important to take note on essential summer safety tips for kids. Enjoy this time of the year with a little more caution and proactive treatment. This will ensure a healthy and even more stimulating summer for kids and parents alike.

Essential summer safety tips for kids:

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1- Adequate Sun Protection:

Adequate Sun Protection

Sun protection is a s important as enjoying in sun. Our skin is vulnerable to the harmful ultraviolet rays and if it gets direct sun exposure for long, it starts tanning and showing other signs of sun burn. There are ample sun block or sunscreen creams in the market, but the major task is which one to choose. The SPF or sun protection factor must be taken into consideration while opting for a sun screen.

  1. Chose a mineral based sun screen
  2. Chose different sun screens for face and body, as our face is more sensitive
  3. Chose a broad spectrum sunscreen which protects from both UVA and UVB rays
  4. Check for titanium dioxide as content, it helps to keep the skin moist and radiant
  5. Apply SPF 30 to SPF 50 on face and SPF 60 to SPF 80 on body, depending on the extent of heat and exposure
  6. Apply an Aquaphor or lip balm with SPF 30 on lips
  7. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before heading out
  8. Re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours
  9. Keep a hat handy for your kid
  10. It is better to avoid 12 noon to 3pm sunlight, until urgent


2- Safety from Insects:

Safety from Insects

Bugs or insects cause havoc during spring and summer. Mosquitos, bugs, spiders, ticks and other nasty crawlers make it very miserable for children. They breed and grow extremely fast making it difficult to contain them. Also some poisonous insects may cause severe allergies and ailments in children. Therefore it is very important to have a good insect repellant for outdoors and a specific treatment indoor. Also ensure clean and organized home and properly washed clothes for kids.

  1. Use a DEET based natural insect repellant. AAP recommends unto 30% DEET for children.
  2. Use a spray as that is most effective for parks and outdoors
  3. Bands and Patches are not usually very effective for extreme exposure at parks and during camps.
  4. DO NOT APPLY ON THE SKIN, just spray on the inside of the clothes and try not to put any near the hands
  5. Do not spray near the nose or mouth
  6. Just adequate spray is fair enough and try to spray ample on shoes and backpacks the kids will carry
  7. Do not use fragrance or scents on children and while outdoors avoid using scented detergent
  8. Avoid bright yellow or other eye catching shades of color, they attract more insects


3- Water Safety:

Water Safety

It is very important to ensure water safety before hitting the pool. Some camps offer lifeguards too but it is essential to make children aware of the safety standards. As low as 2 feet running water in rains has the potential to float big cars and trucks. SO in order to prevent water hazards at pool or water falls or at lakes or beaches, use proper swim gear and have a safety jacket or life vest tucked for younger kids who are not able to swim yet

  1. Ensure proper water cream or sun block is applied before entering the pool
  2. Wear appropriate swim gears like head wrap, goggles, ear plugs, swim costume and do carry swim jacket with five point harness or at least 3 point harness
  3. Teach breathing exercises to prevent water inhale
  4. Learn CPR and ensure the camps have proper CPR trained professionals all the time
  5. Ensure adult or lifeguard supervision at all times
  6. Teach the children to reverse float when in a situation at the pool or lake.


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4- Prevention from injuries and sickness:

Prevention from injuries and sickness

Children get hurt and its normal to fall down at even teen stage. A little precaution must be followed to ensure you prevent fatal and life threatening injuries. The children must be trained and made aware of certain DO Not list, for when they are outside, away from family or camping. A little points of caution can not only prevent the injuries but also ensure smooth fulfilled summer.

  1. Keep a first aid kit handy: With Band-aids, Rubbing alcohol, Cream and spray
  2. Teach the kids road safety while walking or biking on the road.
  3. Make sure they wear proper head gears while biking, a helmet and knee guard can prevent most painful injuries
  4. Use shades when in sun, to avoid glare of the sun
  5. Take proper preventive medications or probiotics to keep away from seasonal sickness
  6. Get vaccinations updated and Flu shots administered at the seasonal onset


5- Prevent bullying and violence:

Prevent bullying and violence

Ensure you child understands the rights of other children and also how bullying affects. For any such instance keep asking your child and conveying to the camp owners or parents. The kids should not enter into violent activities and teach them how to face any physical attack. Keep the children in safe environments and accompany to the areas where safety is not ensured. Do keep a check on food related ailments. Food poisoning while on camps or outdoors is a common problem. Enrich the child with healthy and balanced diet and more natural probiotics to fight bacterial and viral infections.

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Essential Summer Safety Tips

Essential Summer Safety Tips for Kids is based on my own experiences, as a mother and as an avid sports freak. As a child i had the accidents that left scars for life, and now as a mother i have adopted a more preventive and cautious path. It is better to be proactive and keep ourselves safe. Though injury and sickness are natural but avoiding serious ones can help keeping kids safe.

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By Minu Manisha

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