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Summer Camp Safety Tips for Kids and Parents

March 07,2017 11:08 AM
Summer Camp Safety Tips for Kids and Parents

Summer Camps are a great way of enriching the kids to explore and discover hidden intellectual treasures within and around. With summer just around the corner and campnavigator.com as your preferred summer camp guide, we are sure you have started preparing for a fun-filled and power packed summer of 2017. Kids safety and security before and during the camps is of utmost concern for parents. It is therefore, important to know the safety tips before finalizing camps for our little explorers.

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Medical and safety arrangements at the camp sites, emergency care and proximity to the nearest ER, CPR and other training of the staff and license for carrying out the camps at the designated location are some of the questions that pop up in our minds. Some of the summer camp safety tips to ensure before enrolling your child, include:

  • Accreditation:


ACA or American Camp Association accreditation of the camp is important as it educates and prepares camp owners in the areas of kids safety, camp operation and health of campers and staff.

  • Staff and helpers:

Staff and helpers

Check with the staff and counselors regarding their training and certifications. They must be prepared for ensuring child’s safety and health.

  • Camp site safety:

Camp site safety

Check the camp site for safety of the kids, they must not have unprotected and dangerous openings. Check the restrooms and changing areas as children should ever be giving open changing rooms. Children should have privacy when they bathe or dress up. No counselor or fellow camper should watch kids undress.

  • Background check:

Check the backgrounds of the camp organizers and counselors for probable sex-offenses, drug addiction or criminal offense. We don’t want any such person anywhere near the camp location. Our kids may not be able to understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate. It is our responsibility to keep the child psychologically and physically safe.

  • Behavioral checks:

Behavioral checks

Behavioral checks are important and the kids must not undergo any abuse. Camps may require a few days or weeks stay so it is important to check the camp organizers’ psychological well being by interacting and discussing with them some of these points. Check on their patience levels and policies for punishments when children are throwing tantrums.

  • Medical Emergencies:

Medical Emergencies

Medical or health related emergencies with kids must be attended with utmost care and training. It is extremely important to know if anyone at the camp site is First-aid trained or certified CPR. Also mention for the allergies if your child has any. Check with the ER and medicare facilities around and don’t forget to share all the emergency contact numbers.

  • Grievance issues among kids:

Grievance issues among kids

There must proper grievance redressal system in place. If children fight or bully and complain, there must be necessary process set up by the camp owners. No child should feel left out or ignored.

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Some important safety tips to share with our little campers:

Some important safety tips to share with our little campers


  • Say no to touch:

Say no to touch

Don’t let anyone touch you or ask you to undress. Do not change clothes in front of others and be polite to ask other for leave while changing

  • Cautious with the private body parts:

Cautious with the private body parts

No one can touch the private parts and be sure to teach the kids how to dress-undress when there are not enough rooms. Curiosity for opposite sex is natural but they must be aware of the boundaries for their age.

  • Always be with a group of kids:

Always be with a group of kids

Do not leave the group and go out alone exploring. Though the camp sites are safe enough but its better to stick with groups.

No one should make you feel guilty:

No one should make you feel guilty

If other kids bully or try to make your kid feel guilty, tell her to share with the counselors or owners at campsites. It is very important to be confident of how you look, what you speak and how you behave. No child is lesser or superior to any other child.

  • Make your child feel special:

Make your child feel special

Tell the child you care for her and love her the way she is. Send some notes or letter for the time she will spend at the camp, as homesickness is a major problem for most children attending summer camps. Send a family picture and make sure she carries all her belongings needed at the camp

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Kids Health
Summer Camps are enriching, invigorating and stimulating all at the same time. Safety and wellness of your child are extremely important for her future health and fitness. Make sure to check these points in the next camp you enroll your child into.

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By Minu Manisha

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