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Junior Ranger Programs at National Parks

March 06,2017 10:33 AM
Junior Ranger Programs at National Parks

“Ever imagined how grizzly bears and elks came to the Smokies,
how the wolves and bison inhabited the Rockies,
how the glaciated landscape benefits the animals at Yosemite,
how Red Indians interact at the grand canyons,
How Niagara falls water can be contained or consumed”

And for the ample such interrogations as you reach the park gate with your little scientist,

Campnavigator brings you all the answers for your child’s intellectual and extra-curricular needs.

There are some wonderfully enriching exercises at the parks which not only give insights to your child but also develops their interest in heritage and wildlife. Junior Ranger Programs at National Parks are specially designed for young children age 3-15. The National Parks Service has this special program for inspiring and involving children visiting the parks. These young Rangers get exciting activity books, which are generally free. These books are rich in knowledge and activities for little wanderers and are aimed at sharing deeper insights into flora and fauna diversity at the parks. And also to help children understand the historical significance of that park. Many national parks, some state parks and the rest have comprehensive booklets at their visitors center. There are ample programs from ages 3 till 15 for diverse aspects at the national park. Just grab one online or at visitors center and mesmerize your little rover.

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Pick your choice booklet and as you raffle through the pages you will experience scintillating and invigorating details, which are both challenging and amusing for the children. Know how the national parks operate, what are the rangers and how they interact, how the wildlife and nature around gets such serene and pristine landscape, and the electrifying challenges to keep the kids enriched and entertained all through. Make your next visit to the National Park, an interesting and enchanting one by participating in these captivating activities with these ranger-led activities.


Children get more and more involved by reading and discovering several different ecosystems within the national parks.It lets the creative juices in the child groom their cognitive skills. This knowledge not only helps them satiate their urges for discovering and exploring life around but also keeps them inspired all through the journey. Some Ranger activities have certifications and Badges for completing these booklets. These little souvenirs make wonderful and witty memories for life. This gives the children a perspective of life and living at these national parks. And also helps the family entirely, to learn about some astounding details of the park.

Junior Ranger Program

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Try these fun filled and scintillating activities at your this summer getaway at the parks, and be amused how exciting this program can be. My little munchkin specially loved the thrilling activity booklets from Niagara Falls, Yosemite and Smoky Mountains. They are our ‘Keepsake Memoir’ for years to come. You sure don’t want to miss this!

Be sure to check out our latest camp postings and details for Junior Ranger Programs at National Parks at campnavigator.com ,  your trusted partner to enrich your child’s summer experience.

By Minu Manisha

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