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Benefits of Summer reading camp at Public Libraries

March 03,2017 11:12 AM
Benefits of Summer reading camp at Public Libraries

Reading is a stimulating and enriching activity for children. Reading not only helps them in developing their language skills but also helps in evolving their imagination. The earlier they start reading, the richer their vocabulary gets. When children start reading they begin having perceptions and visualize their thoughts in creative ways. Reading also helps in speech improvement and leads to a more confident expression.

Campnavigator brings forth the exclusive benefits of summer reading camps at Public Libraries.

Summer is a great time to continue the journey of exploring linguistics and also prevent summer learning loss. Almost 95% of public libraries offer Summer Reading Camps for K-8. A series of books are selected and children are given reading challenges for accomplishing desired number of books. They are rewarded which motivates them to further their reading.

Summer reading

Many libraries coordinate with school districts and have an elaborate curriculum for their summer reading camps. For amusement and fun raffles, movie nights and workshops are also put in place. Both classical and contemporary books are included to make summer reading educational and amusing journey for the children. Some libraries also have ‘Book-worm clubs’ which work on bringing out avid readers among children. These clubs aim to speed up the reading process with challenges on number of books in the time frame.

Book-worm clubs
Reading camps are great to help the little scholars discover and unleash the world of books. Some of the benefits of putting your child to reading summer camps are: 

  • Reading makes children develop perception and visualization:

Reading develop perception and visualization
Children start visualizing what they read and make a perception of stories they read. This is great to develop their cognitive skills.

  • Reading helps in increasing imagination:

Reading helps in increasing imagination
Children start imagining in better creative ways. They also start developing a connect with the story and characters they read about.

  • Good language and communication skills:

Good language and communication skills
When children start reading they improve their linguistic skills. Their communication skills also progress with richer vocabulary and they become more vocal.

  • Reading increases concentration and attention span:

Reading increases concentration and attention span
Little kids wiggle and get distracted too soon but reading eventually brings the much desired concentration. Their attention span increases and also retention strengthens.

  • Reading increases knowledge and awareness:

Reading increases knowledge and awareness
Reading develops aptitude and children perform better academically. Reading helps in developing reasoning and thus they perform better in exams. Children start exploring subjects they enjoy. They start developing a more scientific acumen.

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Reading is fun-filled, educational and an enriching exercise. The quicker children make friends with books the healthier is their intellectual development. Be sure to introduce books to your little ones as early as possible. Sit back and relax as your child explores the potential world of books.

potential world of books

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By Minu Manisha

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