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Reasons Your Child Will Love Summer Camp

May 01,2015 11:25 AM
Reasons Your Child Will Love Summer Camp

We've talked before about all of the reasons why parents think that Summer Camp is a wonderful opportunity for their children, but what do kids themselves have to say about it?It should come as no surprise that many kids who come back from camp each year rave about their experience and are eager to return. So, what is it that they love so much about it?

•    The simplest answer to that question is that it is fun. Camps are designed to be fun and to entertain kids by keeping them occupied with engaging activities. Often times, these activities are educational or focused on a particular skill, but they’re done so in a way that makes kids enjoy them and even become passionate about what they’re doing. The plethora of games and outdoor experiences that camps provide are the best way to stave off that chronic summer boredom in a way that’ll keep your child active, entertained, and happy.

•    Another reason children love going to camp is that is gives them the safe space and opportunity to grow as individuals. They are able to thrive and flourish in this new environment, and often times the leadership opportunities and supportive environment they are in brings forth a newfound sense of confidence in them.

•    Summer camp also offers kids that much-needed opportunity to explore their independence in a healthy environment.  Sometimes kids need this experience to come out of their shell and learn more about themselves while surrounded by peers and superiors who are positive influences and are able to support them. This kind of opportunity is hard to get sitting at home, and both parents and kids can appreciate that a summer camp can help them gain some vital independence skills.

•    Meeting new people is often kids’ favorite part of going to a camp. Whether your child is introverted or more outspoken, they’re sure to meet likeminded kids who share their interests and can push them to grow in positive ways. The close-knit bonding nature of camps makes these connections easy, and children will often come home from camp with friends that will remain with them for years to come.

•    And of course, what bring all of the above experiences together are the memories your child will grow to cherish for a lifetime. The learning experiences, the fun they have, and the people they meet will stay with them long after camp is over. They’ll definitely appreciate the experience and looking back, they’ll also be able to see how much of a positive impact their camp had on them. And the memories will be everlasting.

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