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Preparing Your Child For a Day Camp Featured

March 07,2015 11:46 AM
Preparing Your Child For a Day Camp

We've talked about how to get your child packed and ready to go for an overnight Summer Camp, but what about summer day camps? Even day camps require a little bit of preparation, and we’ve got you covered in terms of what you will need to take care of.

•    Transportation

Transportation is often one of the first things parents think about when it comes to day camps for their kids. Will you be driving your kids to and from the camp each day? If so, see if there are other kids in your neighborhood going to the same camp that you could arrange a carpool schedule with. If there will be bus transportation provided, ask for the schedule and bus route and perhaps travel it ahead of time to get your kid comfortable with the journey.

•    Lunch

Some day camps will provide meals for children, but if not, you’ll have to pack your own. Involve your child in packing his/her lunch and make it fun activity. Let them pick out some snacks and add their own touch to what might be a simple meal. A few healthy snacks, like granola bars or trail mix, are good to pack with your kid even if the camp does provide lunch.

•    Water

Don’t forget to pack a water bottle for your kid as well. A reusable water bottle is a great option, and your kid can keep filling it up throughout the day. Since your child will likely be engaging in physical activities all day long, they’ll definitely need all the hydration they can get.

•    Sun Protection

If you know your child will be outside for most of the day, also pack a hat, a pair of sunglasses, and some extra sunblock with them even if you have them apply it in the morning before they leave.

•    Extra clothes

With all of the different activities your child is going to be participating in, it might be a good idea to pack an extra set of clothes for them just in case. And if there’s going to be swimming involved, be sure to pack goggles and swimsuit too. Towels will usually be provided for them.

•    A sturdy backpack

Of course, you’ll need somewhere to pack all of the mentioned things, and a durable nylon backpack is the way to go. Make sure it is large enough and has an outer pocket for easy access to their water bottle.

•    Label everything

Just as with overnight camps, it’s highly recommended that you label everything you send with your child to ensure that nothing is lost.

All in all, preparing for a day camp is nothing to stress over, and getting everything ready with your child the night before can be a fun way to get them excited for the day to come!

-Shreya Wadkar

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