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Camp Zoo

April 03,2012 11:59 AM
Camp Zoo

Camp Zoo

When kids attend Camp Zoo, they experience intimate animal encounters, they take part in a variety of zoo-related activities, and they enjoy being a part of the wildest camp in town! Camp Zoo is an interactive and exciting way for kids to enjoy a behind the scenes educational experience at the Phoenix Zoo. With indoor and outdoor activities, games, and animal experiences, kids are sure to be entertained during each week of Camp Zoo that they attend. The camp is based on weeklong sessions of half-day or full-day options occurring from June 4th to July 27th, and there are two different weeklong themes to choose from for each age level from grades K-8.

The feedback on Camp Zoo is always positive because our zookeepers and staff members are seen as friendly role models that help the kids to see the Phoenix Zoo in new and exciting ways. The memories are long lasting and the experience is very unique, and that is why many kids are enrolled for multiple weeks of Camp Zoo each year, and it’s why they continue to enroll in the camp year after year. From the casual animal lover, to the child that has aspirations to study zoology, every kid can find joy and be enthusiastic when in attendance at Camp Zoo at the Phoenix Zoo!

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